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Everything You Need To Begin Your WhiteLabel App

Contact your success manager assigned to you as a white label for your 1-on-1 onboarding experience or book it yourself below.  You will need your white label set up to access your guides through your app login.

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Tasks, Questions, Resources & Topics

  • Create a Packet

  • Duplicate a Packet

  • Assigning a Packet

  • Autogenerate Live.Stack from a Packet

  • Selecting Permission Required Packets


Orchestrated Groups

  • Create a Circle

  • Onboarding a Circle

  • Assigning packets for a Circle

  • Autogenerated Live Stack for a Circle


Presentations & Video Conferencing

  • Creating a Live Stack Meeting

  • Sharing & Connecting via Live Stack

  • Live Stack for Circles


AI Connections & Introductions

  • Set up a flow

  • Enter Ally & Partner flows

  • Enter Peer-to-peer flows 


Implementing a new tool kit for your team has never been easier.

WeTransact provides a collection of FREE onboarding resources designed to help your organization to get up to speed on how to operate your app. Training sessions are great for anyone looking for an overview of a particular feature or tool. We'll highlight the essentials and include best practices.

Please be sure you have access to your white label and completed your onboarding prior to booking a training session.

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Learn everything to get started creating packets.

Step by step actionable guidance best practices:

  • Assign Actionable Tasks

  • Create Progressive Disclosure Questions

  • Curate Most Relevant Resources Resources

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