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  • Alexis Snelling

WeTransacts Holiday Founder Story

7 brave female founders finally said NO to competing against one another on stages for show. Instead, they began an experiment to divide and conquer to raise together and grow.

A strategy was created to attract more than just checks that were actually vetted. Their wish list was short:

Just mission aligned investors and allies of support.

On the eve of Christmas they made a leap of faith into 2021 together they raced gathering their investor lists

Each week to reviewing the talks with the investors they had tried to convince.

The founders hoped to reach their shared raise goals, and without any guarantees that it would work at all.

With no roadmap to follow, only their belief,

they ventured into 2021 with only their own two feet.

As the lock down was looming and the fate of the world was forever changing…

A bright light attracted attention and their community was quickly growing…

Words of glee soon came in across the startup community.

Cheering them on and offering to help

Saying “Keep on going no matter what cards you are delt!

We believe and agree

that there’s a better path for thee."

In came the intros and many meetings, but the investors they met were still were weary.

Wires were postponed by their fears that were airing.

As investors sought to only follow,

it was a lead they needed to show.

Time as was ticking,

the founders got to clicking…

They had to move fast,

as hope was being shadowed by the fear of their unknown path.

As their faith only grew stronger in the face of others’ doubts.

Burning with belief they were determined to figure it out.

As long as they had their community,

they kept away feeling the insanity.

The wires were still no where to be found.

The meetings dried up with all the other headlines around.

A light burned bright for one of the “We”

in the face of uncertainty,

Alexis and David, became the leaders as they did agree

that this would be their legacy…

To create an app that would help ALL the lonely founders trust their gut,

thru the ups and downs, and especially when the investors slammed the doors shut.

With the mission still crystal clear,

they reset without any fear.

Launching on International Women’s Day when the world would unite

to keep up this very important founder isolation fight.

Founders shared their #RealRaise stories,

in hopes to answer many of the investor queries.

About why this needed to be,

as it’s better for founders and investors you see.

They attracted new allies and founders globally

but still NO investor wires came to be.

As the months passed making the app better,

listening to their founders and how to make it light as a feather.

Now with an app that saved founders time

and gave investors peace of mind.

Founders would be using tech help them take action,

attracting more investors with prepared diligence and more transparent micro-traction.

A year had passed and as they reflected,

the founders' #RealRaise movement they resurrected.

Presenting at the Google Dev Fest

the world could now attest that there was now something better than the rest!

Just 1 year later, on the next Christmas Eve,

Circle 1 diligence was prepared and the app was ready

Filled with a renewed #RealRaise spirit

They reached back out to all to try it.

Founders were talking and totally agreed,

“It’s a tool you see that helps founders like me!”

All were comforted just knowing

that they were not alone and the #RealRaise movement was only growing…

2020 as the founders looked back, they learned that there’s so much more than a check that would carry them through pitching their .LiveStack decks.

A #RealRaise Summit for founders was held to recap.

Reminding founders that anything was possible when they came together on the WeTransact app.

The holiday moral of this tale you see

Is we can make anything happen together in our community.

WeTransact’s wishing that all your paths weave and wind, bringing much success in 2021 for you to find!

Join the #RealRaise movement:

For Founders

For Investors

For Allies

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