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WeTransact Platform is Up For the Anthem Awards

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Innovation Category

Celebrating purpose & mission-driven work from people, companies and organizations worldwide. Over the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed a massive culture shift where humans worldwide have led and organized in new ways to build a more purpose-driven society. More than ever, people live their values and make active choices around the local and global impact of their daily actions—including the food they eat, the media they consume, the clothing they wear, the causes they support, and how they choose to spend their money.

This cultural shift coupled with the social and technological revolution has brought this new global consciousness to the professional world at scale. Consumers are demanding more of brands and organizations—and they’re answering the call. From groups standing up for human rights to brands creating inclusive workplaces, organizations across industries are actively reimagining a better world for all.

In parallel to this growing trend, we at The Webby Awards have seen a rise in submissions of purpose & mission-driven work. In working with the social impact community, we’ve highlighted the need for a comprehensive platform to share these best-in-class examples. Our newest initiative The Anthem Awards, was developed in response to recognize the breadth of this work (online and offline) around the globe by honoring the organizations, brands, and people creating long-lasting impact.

We’ll be celebrating and championing work across seven core purposes: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Education, Art, & Culture; Health; Human & Civil Rights; Humanitarian Action & Services; Responsible Technology; and Sustainability, Environment, & Climate. By amplifying the voices that spark global change, we’re defining a new benchmark for impactful work that inspires others to take action in their communities.

Additionally, a portion of program revenue entrants will fund a new grant program supporting emerging individuals and organizations working to advance the causes recognized in the inaugural Anthem Awards.

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WeTransact.Live is democratizing access and deployment of resources globally for ALL innovators. Our AI powered innovation platform connects communities world-wide to connect & grow together to maximize impact for ALL with Humanity + Empathy + Responsibility. We are the first super highway for the many world changing ecosystems to cooperate together and connect in a more human way to benefit ALL our missions.

Fostering a more sustainable innovation platform for underserved communities world-wide to connect & grow together to maximize impact for ALL with Humanity + Empathy + Responsibility.

We are the roots connecting the many world changing ecosystems in a more aligned and human way to benefit ALL. We are normalizing the positive correlation between impact driven and mission aligned organizations that have the competitive advantage in the future with better ROI and impact for ALL vs. being seen as “charity”. We do this in many ways:

  1. We empower organizations with the technology to scale and maximize their impact in many ways. is a Data driven AI powered innovation platform democratizing access to .LIVE resources and fostering safer innovation zones to solve the world’s most challenging problems globally together.

  2. We are educating startups from idea to ROI on how to measure, track and report on their global impact for ALL so together we can accomplish the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

  3. We amplify #HERchanger social impact startups and role models leading with humanity,empathy and responsibility.

  4. We are fostering a more cooperative start up ecosystem addressing Founder Isolation via our #RealRaise Series

  5. We are Implementing our technology as the innovation platform from idea to ROI, to improve the ongoing due diligence review process and distribution channels for the top Innovation and Entrepreneurship University Programs in the US.

Next we are leading the coalition to capital hill to implement a more equitable and transparent process for the deployment of the US Government’s Trillion dollar infrastructure bill and provide the first .Live reporting of social impact being made.

Join us in igniting the spark to encourage all humans to make a substantive and positive change in the world.

Add your voice to The Anthem and submit your work in The Anthem Awards today.

The Anthem Award categories were developed in close relationship with leaders across the 7 key causes the Award celebrates: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Education, Arts and Culture, Health, Human & Civil Rights, Humanitarian Action & Services, Responsible Technology and Sustainability, Climate and Environment.

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