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WeTransact Innovation Platform is Ending Founder Isolation & Winner Takes All Mentality

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Founder isolation has been increasingly alarming investors & shareholders of startups. As real founder stories of so many of the most successful founders like Tony Shay have made the headlines, it's clear that this problem is only getting more rampant across the startup ecosystem. It's also making the headlines on the VC side of the table this is simply not sustainable on the deal side either.

Innovation and the remote entrepreneurial environments and processes are vital to correcting this systemic problem. It can no longer be ignored, simply swept off zoom meetings and venting on Twitter. Founders and innovative ecosystems looking to meeting the moment historically and for Gen Z are demanding and expecting more equitable and sustainable processes to support ALL innovation.

The economic global recovery post pandemic and the Great Resignation is about to 100x founder isolation and the funder backroom side of the equation, if institutions and leaders don't implement better innovation infrastructure for remotely sustainable and scalable processes. With Trillions of US dollars under TITLE V-RESEARCH AND INNOVATION of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed 6/21 is now being distributed to the most rural and remote regions to build often from scratch their startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem, it's a huge opportunity to start over and get it right this time around for founders.

"It's simple when you understand the current innovation process is broken that we don't continue to pour our human and capital resources down a broken drain and expect better results. It's long overdue since the innovation process has been updated, it's time to replace the pipes before we continue to pour our most valuable economic recovery resources. Our future depends on it!" says Alexis Snelling Co-Founder WeTransact.

Innovator First Approach

WeTransact has stepped up to the plate to provide a "innovator first" platform to combat Founder isolation for good and provide the virtual environment for get founders realign their real time needs and provide a cooperative way to innovate and grow sustainably together across global ecosystems. Working closely with universities and innovation ecosystems that are seeking more equitably sustainable growth and maximize economic impact for both founders, allies and investors, WeTransact is providing the innovation pipelines to connect the dots across innovation globally from idea to ROI in REAL time.

The bottom up approach is vital to this moment in history. This is a global crisis and innovation is key global to the future of all economies. Just this past week the UK has announced it's "Leveling Up" plan that will transform the UK.

“Manufacturers will enthusiastically embrace this strategy which is a vital building block in spreading growth to all parts of the UK. The sector has a significant presence in exactly the areas which need leveling up and is playing a vital role in delivering high value skills. While there is substantially more to be done, this focus on skills and innovation, together with an emphasis on infrastructure and place, is the right starting point and one that industry will back.” Stephen Phipson, Chief Executive of Make UK.

The #RealRaise Movement

WeTransact launched the first #RealRaise Summit in Q3 2021 to unite founders, investors and allies together to end founder isolation and the winner takes all mentality. There's a global renaissance and awakening towards a more transparent, aligned, and sustainable methods of success.

This outdated winner takes all mentality is just no longer sustainable and billions of dollars are being left on the table using the slow and opaque innovation/investing processes for the top 2% to be given access and opportunity to participate.

"VC's, Angel Groups and Accelerators have really taken the "cohort" to be a "battle to the death" roman-style for their entertainment which I've always found appalling and why I created HER (Humanity Empathy and Responsibility) and why we use Circles as a cooperate approach in our platform." David Snelling Co-Founder WeTransact.

Founders agree and now WeTransacts is the future. Quarterly the #RealRaise Summit meets to foster a collaborative innovation ecosystem for ALL. The greatest companies in the world like Google have a mission driven culture of challenging the status quo and then also follow thru in every aspect of their business from idea to ROI. The WeTransact HER principles: lead with humanity, empathy and responsibility have drawn a world class line up of panelists and surprise guests who are mobilizing to challenge the status quo for innovation globally.

Accessible & Transparent

We invite the world to join us in the #RealRaise Summit for a Cooperative StartUp World with HER.

WeTransact is supporting founders globally who are pulling together to innovate many new ways of collaborating and turbocharging their world-changing companies their world changing companies for the greater good of society.

We are replacing the winner takes all startup world with a cooperative and more sustainable way to succeed together.

Invest, Amplify and Support #HERchangers in real time really changing the world together with HER:

Humanity + Empathy + Responsibility


If this resonates with you, your organization, or university you can start by attending or watching recordings via YouTube. Check out Q1 #RealRaise panelists and be sure to RSVP for Q2 #RealRaise Summit to learn more and support a cooperative startup world with HER. WeTransacts can help you connect the dots across your own innovation ecosystem by scheduling a demo anytime your ready to learn more.


10:00 AM

Founders First: Troubleshoot your NFT Project Together

Humanity Panelists:

Oh Tepmongkol-Wheaton CEO OHZONE | 2021 Forbes Next 1000

Alexis Snelling CEO WeTransact & Co-Founder HERchanger Founder Trading Card Series


Get peer-to-peer input/advice/and comic relief as we all explore the world of NFTs together

11:00 AM

The Power of Stories To Ending Founder Isolation & The Winner Takes All Approach

Empathy Panelists:

Allison Byers- CEO Scrobious

Michelle Zaffino- CEO MyLibrarian & 6x Author

Melissa Unsell-Smith- CEO Rectify & The Catalytic Icon Show

Abby Sugar Founder and CEO at Play Out Apparel | 2021 Forbes Next 1000


During the Pandemic Story Telling has been a balm for loneliness

Sharing your own story helps you accept trauma & learn how to be a better community member

The Art of Sharing as a Competitive Advantage

Choosing the right approach to sharing

Executive Roundtables

12:00 PM

Intentional Structures for Aligned Success and Global Impact

Responsibility Panelists:

Melissa Andrews Founder The Art of Science and Impact

Kiley Burris Assistant Director, Office of Innovation and New Ventures, Witchita State University Ignitor Program

Jaclynn Hudson- Community Success Manager Change Agent Fellowship, Black Girl Ventures

Mona DeFrawi CEO of Radivision: The "Next-Gen Netflix for the Startup World" Streaming + Community Platform Democratizing the Private Markets; Mother of Unicorns

Nilima Achwal Founder of Female Founders Lab Featured in TEDx, CNBC, VICE


Creating impact from the bottom up

Identifying the Problem & Experimentation

Data = ???

Intagible metrics and the challenges to measure them

Alignment of data and keeping your northstar

Sharing data for aligned success

1:00 PM

Web3 Maximizing Impact for ALL Founders with #HER: Humanity, Empathy and Responsibility

HER Panelists:

Wendy Diamond Founder WEDO

David Snelling Co-Founder WeTransact & HERchanger Founder Trading Card Series

Chelsea Toler President NOVA

Sedale Turbovsky Founder


Web 1-2-3

Cooperation vs Competition

Predictions for Web 3

Leveraging tools with HER


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