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Unlocking the Most Valuable Innovations

Every CEO and CIO today knows the importance of innovation to their success and roadmap. But, when it comes to scaling up, uncertainty and lack of commitment is still holding back good ideas from succeeding. Driving a scale up of innovation is not easy. With experimentation now part of the course for organizations, few managers yet have the experience of pushing through complex scaling up projects. This is where WeTransacts' innovation platform comes in. It is the safe and sensible choice for organizations on a learning curve to a future of greater innovation independence.

Successfully managing change

Scaling also encompasses behavioral and cultural change. An organization can’t simply expect to roll out a new product or service and expect employees to adopt it without question.

Often it is not a technical issue that stalls scaling, but a process-driven or user-adoption issue.

“Scaling up may meet the needs of the organization, but it is also important that it meets the needs of the users and the impact it makes in the world, or they won’t use it. "

Alexis Snelling, CEO of WeTransact.Live.

Scaling up can create complex organizational changes with multiple interdependencies that need to be looked at. Organizations need to prepare their employees for change, for example, by managing any resistance from the beginning. This is where an innovation process can be hugely beneficial. It's all about getting everyone on the same page and coordinating the right people with the right information at the precise moment that they are already focused on solving their problems. Instead of a linear innovation process our platform empowers organizations to activate and identify more opportunities so each employee is getting access to resources to help them best right now based on their own goals.

“To progress our customers innovation strategies, we help them own their own white label platform that connect with an innovation ecosystem made up of processes and methodologies that will enable them to integrate and manage their innovation in a more independent and supportive way."

Alexis Snelling, CEO fo

By addressing the needs of the individual with the needs and goals of the organization in real time requires a completely different infrastructure. Scaling up can create complex organizational changes with multiple interdependencies that need to be continually measured, tracked and continually addressed. It's extremely vital to have consistent real time data to optimize the best action and planning to stay responsive and relevant to the many quickly changing dynamics.

Many organizations are failing as they have systematic bottlenecks and misalignment of goals within their organization or cooperating partnerships that prevent a more mutually beneficial outcome. Leaving the organization, department and other outside consultants to manually react and try to solve post-problem. By connecting all resources, human capital and assets in real time our AI/ML can avoid these misalignments and in fact identify more opportunities that would otherwise been missed by not having accurate real time data to make the most informed decisions and desired outcomes.

WeTransact has the data driven AI powered innovation platform solution for Investors/Funds, Universities, Corporate Venture and Entertainment Industries focused on scaling smarter innovations. Become an innovation leader in your industry and leverage our technology to fuel a more prosperous future for all.

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