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Save Time By Connecting the Dots Across Entrepreneurship Communities Smarter Together

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

One thing everyone can agree upon in the startup entrepreneurial ecosystem is that more founders would succeed if they had access to networks to raise the initial $200-$500k. In this Tweet today this one point was clear and pretty unanimous. The debate circled around the predatory alternatives that leave early stage founders most vulnerable to the "sharks".

WeTransact is way ahead of this debate and has already created some solutions that are fostering more equitable options and smarter ways not only for the founders but also the entire ecosystem.

There's many ways WeTransact is providing better infrastructure for the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to thrive for all of their members. In this article we're going to dive into some practical things the entire ecosystem can do to foster better outcomes together. For greater understanding of why transparency and equitable access for a more diverse ecosystem is better we recommend you to learn more about the Kauffman 7 e-ship goals of a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Now that you've Tweeted your opinion...

Let's take some real action together to make a real difference in your own community.

WeTransact has tested these techniques with our own Real-Raise community. We always refer to things as an experiment to try, track and interpret the results together to determine the next experiment to get us closer to a more inclusive and accessible ecosystem.

The first learning is to assess time being spent. Sounds kinda deep. We assure you it's really not. One of the most valuable resources in life is time and again this is 10 fold for early stage founders whose runway and survival to keep the lights on depends on it.

Did you know that when a founder doesn't have a wealthy family & friends round, they have to spend 100% of their time to network just to get meetings on the calendar to even meet people for the first time.