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Google Women TechMakers X WeTransact X Gatheround Collab for International Women's Day Celebration

Updated: Mar 21

Google Leads across all Google groups Collaborate on WeTransact x Celebrate on Gatheround on International Women's Day to create a more seamless, inclusive, and human hybrid experience in 2023 around the theme of #DaretoBe .



What is IWD?

​ Since 2013, Women Techmakers Ambassadors around the world have hosted thousands of events in celebration of International Women’s Day. Varying from large summits to intimate gatherings, these events provide education, connection and inspiration for local tech communities. ​ For 2023, the theme of IWD is “Dare To Be.” Ambassadors will host events that empower their community to have the courage and confidence to dream big and take risks. Whether it’s bold, resilient, innovative or more, we invite everyone to think about all the ways you will “Dare To Be” in 2023! ​ Leads volunteered to collaborate together using the WeTransact, a Google Cloud PWA, to create a unique celebration of hybrid events on International Women's Day. ​

"We wanted to ensure that this celebration was more than just an singular event but rather an experience for everyone to truly innovate better ways to collaborate and continue to support their local communities by leveraging more human and inclusive tools like WeTransact | Live Stack and Gatheround"

-Alexis Snelling: CEO & Google Women TechMaker Ambassador