Investors, CEOs, Consumers: Everyone Is Thinking About Sustainability. Are You?

Updated: Sep 10

Sustainability, what else? We are living in times of change (haven’t we always?) where the choices we make can completely change the direction in which we are heading. IPCC scientists said, by the end of 2018, that we only had 12 years to limit climate change catastrophes. Meantime, Oxfam said in January 2019 the 26 richest people on the planet have as much wealth as the poorest half of the population. WWF announced we have lost 60% of the world’s biodiversity since 1980. What do CEO’s, managers, millennials, and politicians think about all this? How important is a sustainable world?

Let’s remind ourselves what sustainability means, as nowadays it seems to have endless (and not always correct) meanings. The concept is tightly connected to sustainable development; but while the first aims prevent the decrease in life quality, the second wants to improve overall life quality and guarantee it will exist with the same (or better) quality in the future. For this, we need an economic system that works properly while protecting the environment and improving all people’s lives.

For some time we, as people and as nations, have focused on making profits and shareholders have been the most important stakeholders. But times are changing. Societal pressure, along with a higher consciousness in both business and politics, is slowly starting to change the rules of the game. Let’s take a look at the opinion of some of the most influential actors in different areas and see why the path is long and there seems to be hope.

On The Business Side, Investors And CEOs Are Thinking About Sustainability