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Digital Flow State & Innovation Platform Review Checklist

Every year entrepreneurs, pro athletes, and innovators will review and assess their productivity, and goals. The best will go a step further and not only report the outcomes but proactivity seek out where they can improve their outcomes and get a head start advantage for themselves and their teams.

When a champion describes being in the "zone" and making that key play, what they are describing is being in their flow state. To get into a flow state takes practice and continually removing barriers or weaknesses holding them back. The same is true for continually assessing your work environments and the technologies available to help increase your team's outcomes together to achieve better flow states to aid each person achieve their personal best.

Here's a checklist of questions to review your Collaboration Tool Kit to improve better flow and innovation for your programs and goals. Take a moment to reflect as you ask yourself about the tools and digital environments that you are currently using that may need to be upgraded to drastically improve output and flow state. The place to find these questions lies in between the triggers needed for group flow. WeTransact specializes in these digital environments and is the leading the way for more productive and inclusive tool kits for group program environments.

  1. How do you prioritize relevant information?

  2. How many logins/clicks/breaks/time does it take to get there?

  3. Does your environment adapt to each user's priorities?

  4. Do you have a single source of truth?

  5. How can this be automated/time saved for each user?

Shared goals

You may be using live docs, like google docs, sheets etc. to keep everyone on the same page when working on a project. This is a great 1st step away from pdfs.

Now ask the 5 questions above about your live docs. Then see how WeTransact has taken this to the next level of productivity for teams.

Close Listening

You may be using video conferencing, like Google meet, Microsoft teams and/or zoom etc. to easily meet quickly and remotely. This is a great 1st step away from having to spend time going into an office and or meet in a coffee shop. Better listening is not just about where you meet in fact it all about how you meet. WeTransact ensures that meetings not only save time virtually, but also are more productive by meeting when a specific aligned goal with the group is needed. Many meetings can often be replaced by email. Unnecessary meetings are a serious problem for each person's ability to their flow state and productivity.

Contribute to group conversations

Slack replaced many chat rooms for many people and work environments. Yes, it may be easy to set up and connect. From a flow state perspective it's a nightmare of interruptions, and distracting alerts based on other's needs and priorities. WeTransact reverses the environment for flow and optimizing productive collaboration by organizing and prioritizing topic discussions to what each individual is actively working on at that moment in time. To advance productivity even further the AI flows in WeTransact connect users not only based on their real time needs but also aligned resources and people who are also available and/or going thru the same task together.

Complete conversations

This is a huge area for our list makers out there or those who always want their desks clean and clear before they can focus. When your conversations appear never ending it actually begins to add anxiety and clutter in your digital space that can be very distracting from the more important tasks at hand. WeTransact provides a zen and clean dashboard that when tasks, questions, resources and discussion circles are done or complete are cleared away. Never deleted but rather archived. Every day or between tasks their tabs are clear.

A sense of control

Many programs have selected a different app/tool/login/place for everything they work on together during a project. Logging in or having to remember all the time where things are adds stress on your team's flow state bandwidth and sense of control. Simplifying a centralized, clear and zen dashboard adds to a sense of calm and control. WeTransact helps keep everything simple and distilled down to bite size pieces/steps to ensure each person feels supported and not overwhelmed. 1 Tap app access where each person can access everything they need to stay focused on the priorities they need to help them accomplish their evolving goals.

Blending egos

Whether, it's a video conference, a brainstorming session or just a discussion circle gone rogue, blending egos in a group has many challenges. In community groups, in person events or online meetings, egos can make or break any project. It's important to have guided and clear task oriented steps and accountability. WeTransact keeps projects and ego in check by setting very clear and transparent guidance and expectations along the way. It's not designed to be a social room. Live Stack meetings begin with prep. work, accountability with live review together, clear next steps and automated recordings/transcripts for group accountability. Keeping everyone on the same page and refocusing the them on the common goal helps keep the ego's in check.

Equal participation

Accessible and transparent


Consistent interaction types

Consistent communication

Secure and Transparent

Shared group risk

Ongoing Diligence and proactive support

Want to get a FREE Digital Flow State Assessment with WeTransact?

Enjoy our bonus Guide to Achieving Productivity via Flow State.

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