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  • Alexis Snelling

A Cooperative Approach to Foster Global Impact from Your Local Communities

Tips to achieve the necessary frame shifts and mindset needed to create lasting and meaningful impact in the world from idea to world changing achievements. Are you thinking about how to great and positive impact in your own life, your community, and the world? This post is going to provide you with tools and resources to take that next step and break thru the many challenges ahead. Everything we do is tied to impact when you lead with HER: humanity, empathy and responsibility. Key Takeaways

  • Cooperative community techniques, tools & networks

  • Connecting your ideas and local missions into UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Participating in networking creating ally connections for your mission

  • Q&A Session

Speaker Bios Alexis Snelling is the Founder/CEO of WeTransact.Live, THE data driven AI powered innovation platform accelerating idea to ROI. WeTransact is an Anthem Awards nominee for the Innovation Category and featured as AI for Good at Google Dev Fest NY. She is always pushing the boundaries of art, technology and impact to foster better alternatives for founders to unlock capital to maximize global impact together. Launching the Future Founders NFT Trading Card series to provide underserved founders earlier access to non-dilutive capital and fostering a collaborative way to succeed together. Prior to WeTransact, Alexis was an Olympic level ice dancer and trained at Olympic Training Centers around the world. She brings her Olympic spirit and ideals into everything she does and her passion to ensure everyone can unlock their ultimate human potential in life. Vicki Reece is a seasoned startup founder, product innovator and passionate entrepreneur advocating for moms, children, animals, humanity and our planet. And the founder and CEO of Joy of Mom. Nearly 3 million Moms strong, grown 100% organically – built on earned trust. Reaching over 50 million moms monthly. Prior to Joy of Mom, she created and produced positive, award-winning children’s edutainment. Vicki’s been featured on numerous television & radio shows, spot-lighted on all major networks, and showcased in various publications including Vanity Fair, The London Times, WSJ, Entrepreneur, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Women’s Day. She's partnered with brands including American Express, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kimberly-Clark, P&G, Hershey’s, FabFitFun, Warner Bros. and The Jim Henson Company.

Tip #1

The first step is key to success of any goal you have in life and even more when you choose a community to learn, grow and support a shared mission. Setting the expectations of your community and all its members is vital to ensure sustained success and adding true value from the community. A community has to clearly understand it's shared values, bigger picture goal and all the roles from the very moment members agree to join. Get your members all on the same page and as a leader do things to incentivize and reward these behaviors.

One example of how the WeTransact innovation platform gives community leaders the ability to assign tasks and provide curated resources for each member based on what they are actively doing in the community. Encouraging each member to stay engaged and getting more personalized experience out of their community thru WeTransact.

Tip #2

The second step of a successful community working together is to maintain a safe and respectful environment. This starts with clear tenants and values that all actions of its members must follow and respect. There also must be accountability for actions that go against these shared and agreed upon values. Host a annual village hall or group discussion and vote to demonstrate a consensus for your community. This will not only ensure everyone is on the same page but also that if the community tenants need to evolve they can also empower the community to own it's shared values vs being directed to obey the values.

One example of how WeTransact creates safe areas of collaboration is by having various levels of security and shared access wen working within and outside of the community. Members can share projects with the community or even outside and maintain control over their data and permissions of who in the community can see what.

Tip #3

The third step is to think about the tools and superpowers of your community as shared assets that can be orchestrated for your shared missions. A strong community leader will unite and organize opportunities for their community to take action together while showcasing the superpowers of their members. As supportive and appreciative mentality will lite the fire to organize real global change. One way you can help your community find it's shared global impact is by talking about what matters most to them. A great way to begin this open discussion is via the UN Sustainable Developement Goals. Researchers and top experts have distilled every global problem into easy to understand goals and guidance on the most impactful ways to take action and where assistance from your community can make measurable impact by implementing programs locally.

One example of how WeTransact gives its community organizers to connect the dots across their ecosystem and also outside to other community groups is via the partner flows. This can be implemented to connect not only members to resources they need specific to what they are working on within their community but also to connect across partnering communities and their aligned resources.

Tip #4

The fourth step is to act. Many communities fail because they get analysis paralysis and don't try to do anything. It's vital to lead your communities to do at least 1 thing together. It will start to strengthen their take action muscles and give the confidence needed to keep going. Take small accomplishments that will create momentum and courage to experiment together. Failing together is part of a community and this is OK. Share and report learnings from failures and get back out there and try again together. It will not only build bonds between your members that they can get thru anything together but also be one step closer to the shared mission. A great way to encourage this is to have annual or quarterly recaps of milestones achieve and lessons learned. We all have busy lives and can get caught up in the minutia of day to day news and life. Reflecting on our accomplishments will uplift your members in ways you may not ever fully know.

One way the WeTransact platform helps community members take it one step at a time is by curating the information, tasks, and resources to each individual member based on their goals and what they are working on at that moment in time. This prevents analysis paralysis and members getting overwhelmed or lost look for what they need and trying to navigate thru the community discussion boards on their own. Saving members time an d energy on what they are trying to accomplish today together and on their own.

We will be sharing the recording from this talk as soon as it's available. Please keep us in the loop on 1 thing that helped you from our talk and tips to get a step closer to your mission and goals by tagging us on social.

We're cheering on all our positive impact communities by using these hashtags when we are taking action #RealRaise #HERchanger ! Follow along in your social feeds and cheer each other on to take that next step together.

Together we can do anything :-)

Bonus Offer From Vicki at Joy of Mom:

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