4th Industrial Revolution: Governmental Support for Open Innovation

Impact is the new global currency

As incentives and support from governments like Japan and others around the world are launching a wave of next generation startups with the greatest odds of success to date. This is a huge opportunity to get in on the action as an investor and the time for startups to start thinking outside the box to reinvent solutions for the future.

The key to innovation is data and collaboration globally to create globally competitive and sustainable companies of the future. Say goodbye to the winner takes all, exploitation of resources and limiting access of resources to the 2% elite. Impact is the new currency and it’s created from collaborative innovation and mutually beneficial standards. The numbers are also showing this to already be true. Even with the uncertainty of the global financial markets post COVID there have been *record high levels of startup investments and a **44% increase globally in impact investing in the last 12 months. Imagine combining the two greatest growth sectors into your investment strategy early in the 4th Industrial Revolution. It’s an exciting time for impact and returns as the world re-groups and builds a brighter more sustainable future together.

This will increase not only the solutions but the opportunities for growth and government legislations that will begin to require higher impact standards of all businesses. This also broadens the opportunities for joint ventures and potential startup acquisitions by the established industry leaders in order to compete and quickly adapt. The impact driven startups will be critical to the vitality of the larger corporations to maintain their market positions for the next 50 years.