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How It Began

Just 3 months before COVID we were a group of frustrated 7 AllRaise Seed Bootcamp founders who started meeting weekly to strategize, share stories, and advice to help each other during their fundraising process.  Little we know that the fundraising and investing world was about to change completely to being remote. There was no road map for founder's raising during a pandemic so we had to experiment and figure it out ourselves.


On the International Women's Day during the 2020 lockdown, we took our #RealRaise stories of our most challenging, and rewarding moments during the entire fundraise process to YouTube. 


We didn't get the viral attention we had hoped for by the media.  Other VC headlines and Royalty news took the headlines that day. 

With Founder Isolation becoming a global epedemic for founders everywhere something else unexpected and wonderful happened instead.  We started seeing an increase in submissions and DMs from founders thanking us for breaking the founder silence.  Many founders were previously afraid the "investor and VC" retaliation or being "black listed" for speaking out about their experiences.  Slow and steady only by the word of mouth between founders now the world joining in on our #RealRaise movement.   We knew what mattered most was the positive impact on founders everywhere!


Ironically, founders felt for the first time during the lock down that they were not alone. We felt more connected and powerful globally as we could connect with other founders who also saw a better way for us to #ThriveTogether  We stopped competing against each other for prize money and instead were coming together to create a new more cooperative startup ecosystem.  We felt there was now a renewed hope that together we ALL could help each other raise our startups together.  As resourceful innovative founders, it was clear that the global founder community had all the resources we needed to succeed together.  We are seizing the day and igniting ALL our founder superpowers with clarity, confidence, community and access for ALL.

Real Raise with HER :
humanity empathy responsibility

Preparing to Raise & Networking

Investor Meetings & Diligence

Paying It Forward & Advice

Practicing with fellow founders, how to attract the right investors, and owning your story.

Fellow founders share their awkward/difficult conversations, how they stayed true to their values along the way and how to convert an on the fence investor.

After our raise we share looking back 20/20 at all the things we wish we knew before we raised, things that got us through the highs and hundreds more lows AKA all the NO's and what we need to know to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let's raise smarter together!


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