#HERchanger Feature

Humanity + Empathy + Responsibility.

Everybody has a HERchanger has a mission, and we would love to hear yours. This space is a great opportunity to showcase who you are and how you lead with HER: humanity, empathy and responsibility. 

Use this space to talk about why you started and share your company mission. Explain how you are positively impacting the world and how we can rally to support you on your next milestone. Add a bonus video for even more engagement and excitement about what you are doing.

We’re replacing the winner takes all startup world with a cooperative and more sustainable way to succeed together.


Real founders in real time really changing the world together.

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Company Mission

Sustainability Goals & Impact

Bonus #HERchanger Video

Share why you began your company and the main problem you are solving.  Be sure to include your company mission.

Briefly describe the SDGs you're addressing.  Be sure to also include details about important impact achievements and milestones you may have accomplished.

Share why leading with humanity, empathy and responsibility is important to you. 

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