A Cooperative Approach to Foster Global Impact from Your Local Communities

Tips to achieve the necessary frame shifts and mindset needed to create lasting and meaningful impact in the world from idea to world changing achievements. Are you thinking about how to great and positive impact in your own life, your community, and the world? This post is going to provide you with tools and resources to take that next step and break thru the many challenges ahead. Everything we do is tied to impact when you lead with HER: humanity, empathy and responsibilit

WeTransact Innovation Platform is Ending Founder Isolation & Winner Takes All Mentality

Founder isolation has been increasingly alarming investors & shareholders of startups. As real founder stories of so many of the most successful founders like Tony Shay have made the headlines, it's clear that this problem is only getting more rampant across the startup ecosystem. It's also making the headlines on the VC side of the table this is simply not sustainable on the deal side either. Innovation and the remote entrepreneurial environments and processes are vital to

WeTransacts Holiday Founder Story

7 brave female founders finally said NO to competing against one another on stages for show. Instead, they began an experiment to divide and conquer to raise together and grow. A strategy was created to attract more than just checks that were actually vetted. Their wish list was short: Just mission aligned investors and allies of support. On the eve of Christmas they made a leap of faith into 2021 together they raced gathering their investor lists Each week to reviewing the t

WeTransact Platform is Up For the Anthem Awards

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Innovation Category Celebrating purpose & mission-driven work from people, companies and organizations worldwide. Over the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed a massive culture shift where humans worldwide have led and organized in new ways to build a more purpose-driven society. More than ever, people live their values and make active choices around the local and global impact of their daily actions—including the food they eat, the media they consu