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Making Ideas Possible Together In RealTime

We believe that innovation is a human right.  It's up to all of us to continually examine better ways to achieve success on behalf of our "Virtual Village" of ongoing aligned support networks. Stories here feature ground breaking examples in which our "Virtual Village" is inspiring the world to #RealRaise in RealTime too!

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The 4 Industrial Revolutions

Throughout history, people have always been dependent on technology. Of course, the technology of each era might not have the same shape...

6 Innovations for the Holiday Season

For many people, the holidays are filled with family traditions and a sense of wonder. What better sources of inspiration than tidings of...

3 Examples of Online Learning by Doing

Learning by Doing Amy Rottman and Salena Rabidoux suggest three examples of effective online applied learning. Applied learning is a...

NextGen Innovation Ecosystem Platform

What is an innovation ecosystem? An innovation ecosystem refers to a loosely interconnected network of companies and other entities that...

Flow State And Innovation

One of the topics that currently fascinates me when it comes to design leadership and innovation is the spiritual side of innovation and...

WeTransacts Holiday Founder Story

7 brave female founders finally said NO to competing against one another on stages for show. Instead, they began an experiment to divide...

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