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We're leveling the playing field of Innovation from idea to ROI.  The WeTransact platform accelerates and scales your innovation processes to solve the world's biggest problems better together.



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Infrastructure for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Co-working space


Hiring & Funding the Innovation Ecosystem

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Next Gen Innovation Leaders & Social Impact Activists

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Accessibility is Limiting Innovation & Growth

Connecting knowledge to resources when needed is the trifecta of alignment required to solving any problem in life. 

Our technology is designed to provide the infrastructure for ecosystems to follow the Kauffman 7 ESHIP Goals

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We need diverse voices to lead us toward understanding and removing barriers for all. Only with a diverse group of leaders can we develop and distribute the insights and effective practices that are needed to support more underserved with a wide range of perspectives and to help more ecosystem builders lead inclusive change efforts in their own organizations and communities. With a truly open and inclusive ecosystem building field, we can model the change we want to see in the world, disrupt the status quo, and help build a resilient and cohesive economic system that allows us all to realize our full potential.


Foster coordination and collaboration efforts to connect ecosystem builders across networks. More collaboration within the field will require more communication across our networks.

To create more and better information sharing, relationship building, and real-time partnership formation between the various ecosystem builder networks, we must pave the way with field-wide communication channels and other infrastructure for coordination and collaboration.

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Identify and develop better metrics and methods for ecosystem building. Identifying effective practices for ecosystem building requires robust data, rigorous analysis, and room for experimentation. The ecosystem building process can be nonlinear and multidimensional, and there is a need for measurements that are responsive to complexity and change.

We need more dialogue and stronger feedback loops between researchers and ecosystem builders. Collaborative research focused on developing the field of ecosystem building would allow the field to identify the principles and practices that are most effective for fostering successful innovation.


Ecosystem building requires perseverance. The work is arduous and often ambiguous, and it can take 20 years to see concrete results. Many practitioners – including grassroots organizers and change agents within large institutions – operate without adequate training, funding, or recognition of their work as a professional endeavor. In this void, they must often rely on their instincts, personal support systems, and ad hoc revenue streams. While dedication powers many of them to continue, practitioners across the field are burning out.

We must equip our practitioners for the long haul with a professional job description, training programs, ongoing peer support, and sustainable funding models. Together, we can ensure that ecosystem builders from all types of organizations have the professional recognition and resources they need to nurture this work and give it the time it requires to achieve results.

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Agile Approach

Realigning Success for ALL



Top of Class

"Innovator First" approach has gotten the notable attention from Google, Anthem Awards and US Innovation Programs.


AI + Human Powered

Providing Scalable infrastructure for innovation programs ready for growth and maximizing impact.


Holistic Approach

Re-centering the focus on the innovator's unique journey with our seemless all in one platform and App.


Curated by Your Team

Crafting bespoke guided experiences to generate the right resources, for the right member at the right time.

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Experiential Education | Live Events | Cooperative Engagement | Ongoing Diligence

SaaS infrastructure for ecosystems to guide their members seamlessly from idea to ROI.


Step by step actionable guidance

  • Assign Actionable Tasks

  • Progressive disclosure Questions

  • Personalized Curated Resources


Work together & learn from each other

  • Accountability groups

  • Ideation discussions

  • Q & A


Connect your users at the right moment in time

  • Real Time Recommendations

  • Personalized interaction feed insights

  • User Initiated Connections


Secure on demand sharing and video conferencing

  • Autogenerated presentations

  • Call to action buttons

  • Hosting live events upto 1  Million

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"WeTransact has developed something with much potential to change the way innovators do everything. Working with this team is great, they’re on top of it and always looking for ways to better their product. I’m looking forward to see just how many ways we can implement WeTransact’s software into our university.”

Kiley Burris Assistant Director, Office of Innovation and New Ventures at Wichita State University

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"Real time data, leads to Real time insights, leads to Real outcomes. 
We are the infrastructure for us to solve the world's greatest problems together"

Alexis Snelling
CEO Co-Founder WeTransact



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